Lecture: Philosophical counseling can be a new profession?

Abstract: Anyone can be a beneficiary of philosophy practices through a new profession, as the philosophical counseling, which have a real potential to become profession, and that deserves to be recognize in contemporary society. I will present the professionalization process followed in Romania, in order to exemplify the chosen solution, from the training stage, to the professional association and the entire regulatory process followed, including the appearance of the national professional organization, which will have the role of coordination and supervision of the new profession, having and powers of representation at national and international level. This approach to the need to exercise some philosophical practices that are now brought „in sight,” stand out of any form of interpretation and eliminates any confusion that may be made towards the occupation of philosopher or towards other therapies that also use philosophical practices, thus eliminating any improvisation from any direction. That steps are an official recognition of some practices that until now were assumed and indirectly included in other occupations.

Dr. Vasile Hațegan 

Studies: PhD. and Postdoctoral studies in Philosophy, bachelor’s degree in economics and law.

Research Affiliation:  Editor in Chief at IRCEP journal (www.ircep.eu).

Professional affiliation: President of The Romanian Association of Philosophical Counseling and Ethics ( www.consiliereafilosofica.ro ), practitioner certified by APPA; mediator practitioner certified by Romanian Mediation Council.

Research interest is oriented for interdisciplinary links between philosophical practice and ethics applied in many area, such: economics, community, social responsibility and environment, personal development, bioethics, education, organizational consultancy and leadership, democracy and society, groups facilitation, communication, alternative conflict resolution, philosophy  for society.