Workshop: The power of critical thinking in group facilitation, coaching and team meetings

Abstract: The workshop will help you understand the utility of philosophical skills in other fields. Together we will learn: How to control emotions using critical thinking. How to facilitate or just manage groups using philosophical counseling principles. How to increase communication skills/ coaching methods using critical thinking skills. How to facilitate better meetings using critical thinking. It doesn’t matter who was first – the egg or the chicken/ Philosophical Counseling and Consultancy or coaching, mentoring, therapy or any other?  What really matters is if they can help each other grow and change people’s lives and way of thinking.

Mihail Pricop – Training Manager and Philosophical Counselor at Autonom Group. With a 10 years experience in sales, 8 years of management and over 8 years of Training Manager with a passion for volunteering, counseling and philosophical consulting, training, coaching and consulting. He was the coordinator of the projects through which Autonom obtained 5 consecutive years the „Best Employer” award granted by AON Romania and the certificate by WorldBlu that it promotes democracy and freedom within the organization.Studies: the Faculty of Theology, the Faculty of Psychology and the Master of Philosophical Counseling and Consulting from the Faculty of Philosophy at the UVT in Timișoara. He has hundreds of hours of practice after completing two Train The Trainers courses, the ICF – POINTS OF YOU™ PRACTITIONER certifications with Points of You™ level L1 and L2 accreditation (creative tools for training, coaching and personal development) and „The Art & Science of Coaching” level 1 and 2, APPA Dilemma Training facilitation certification, the Theory and Process of Logic-Based Therapy certificate, consultative sales courses, Public Speaking, Psych-K™ certification.