Workshop: General counselling skills involved in philosophical practice

Abstract: The workshop will focus on a number of general counselling skills that proved to be indispensable in the training of MA students of philosophical counselling. Based on case studies, examples of skills in practice, practical exercises and forms and checklists, this highly applicative training program illustrates the complexity of necessary skills required to the building a healthy counselling alliance between practitioners and their clients.

Mihaela-Andreea Ionescu. With 20 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy, she runs her own private practice where she sees individual clients, as well as couples and parents. At present, she is also involved in the professional training of psychotherapists within one of the local schools of systemic family therapy. Since 2016 she teaches Counselling skills to the MA of philosophical counselling and consultancy at West University of Timisoara. Andreea holds a PhD in psychology (on a mother-child attachment topic); for 14 years she taught at the Psychology Department of the same University various seminars, including Developmental psychology (dwelling on the human psychological development from the prenatal period to the third age) and Psychological practice. She is the co-founder and managing partner of the ReCentre clinic, a mental health project having an attachment-based and a multidisciplinary approach.