Paper presentation: PhiE-inspired philosophical coaching

Abstract: The presentation will focus on the foundational principles of the philosophical coaching (known elsewhere as philosophical counselling or consulting) approach based on the pedagogy of The Philosophy Foundation and PhiE model, developed and fine-tuned by Peter Worley over the last 20 years through work with children and adults. It will introduce the Menonic model of conducting a philosophical consultation and present a case study and insights of using the model and PhiE approach more broadly in simultaneous co-facilitation by two philosophical coaches. The model, however, is equally applicable to one-to-one coaching situations, and can be internalised by the coachee for continuous self-reflection.

Peter Worley is the co-CEO and co-founder of educational charity The Philosophy Foundation (UK), and author of the acclaimed approach to conducting philosophical conversations in schools and beyond known as PhiE. Peter is the award-winning author of Corrupting Youth (the two volume outline of the PhiE method), 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Questioning, The If Machine and multiple other books. Peter was a board member of the Society for Philosophy in Practice (UK’s first official community of philosophical practitioners) and has practiced philosophical counselling/coaching since early 2000s. Peter has a BA in philosophy from UCL (2000) and an MA in philosophy from Birkbeck (2004), he was the president of SOPHIA (The European Foundation for the Advancement of Doing Philosophy with Children) from 2014-19 and is a Visiting Research Associate at King’s College London. Further info

Alexandra Konoplyanik is a UK-based philosophical counsellor and facilitator working with adults and children, individually and in groups, in academia, community and business. Accredited specialist philosophy facilitator with The Philosophy Foundation (UK) and certified philosophical counsellor by the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA). Chief Philosophy Officer at Lifeaddwiser and resident lecturer at Wellbeing Academy. Philosophy graduate from the London School of Economics (LSE). Further info