Michael Weiss

Panel section: Philosophical Practice and Research
Panel session (1,5 hrs): Event: 7th of June
Panel chair: Michael Noah Weiss & Guro Hansen Helskog
Panelists: Sandra Radinger, Lydia Amir, Anders Lindseth, Jose Barrientos Rastrojo

Abstract: Over the recent years, more and more philosophical research research projects have been carried out. These projects have been diverse in nature, with some doing research on philosophical practice while others doing research for or with it. This panel section intends to give an overview over current research activities and developments within our field and it investigates the relevance and value of research for an otherwise practice-oriented discipline.
Keynote presentation (30min): From Philosophical Practice to Reflective Practice Research
Michael Noah Weiss & Guro Hansen Helskog

Short-bio: Michael Noah Weiss is associate professor at the Department of Educational Science / University of South-Eastern Norway. He has a PhD in philosophy, edited „The Socratic Handbook” and is former vice chairman of the Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice.
Email: michael.weiss@usn.no