Paper presentation: Teleological Tangents between Philosophical Counselling and Logotherapy

Abstract: The presentation will indicate the methodical and subject tangents between philosophical counselling on the one hand, and logotherapy – a psychotherapeutic direction developed in the middle of the last century by the Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist Viktor Frankl – on the other side of the evaluation spectrum. Three main points will be settled in the focus of the elaboration. The first is a technique of the Socratic dialogue, special characteristic of both approaches set forth in the title of this presentation. Yet we can also comfortably say – of almost all psychotherapeutic schools and techniques. With an emphasis on maieutics as the basis of the psyche-hermeneutic process – dynamic disclosure of the person’s essence and its intentional telos. The second point refers to reaching the meaning of a person intentionality, whereby the hypothesis will be proposed that without a philosophical foundation and bifurcation, an adequate relationship between the client and the consultant/therapist cannot be adequately established or developed. The third point is aimed at reaching the spiritual dimension of the person, viewed as a teleological synthesis and reachable aim of the both approaches. In conclusion, the paper will be put forward that now it is a fruitful time for the therapeutic relationship on the global scene to return to its philosophical foundations methodologically and subjectively. Especially if we want to strengthen the mental health and outline the contours of a holistic meaning of the persons within the “jaws of indefinite postmodernity”. Shaken to the core by pandemic measures that consequently opens the door for the open field of the humanistic encounter and the philosophical dialogue on the wide global horizon.

Short Bio: Luka Janeš, Assistant Professor. 2020 he defended his PhD thesis on the field of philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb (Croatia). From 2017 he is a scientific associate of Centre of Excellence for Integrative Bioethics, managing its scientific board for Bioethics and Psyche. From 2021 he works as an assistant teacher at the Faculty of Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Zagreb. Giving classes on the various faculties at the University of Zagreb, he published two collected paper books and more than thirty scientific articles so far. Preparing an authorship book and a couple of the collected paper books as an editor. Participated on more than sixty conferences with disseminations, as well as organized numerous conferences and public discussion, mostly on the mental health, bioethics and phenomenology topics. He is one of the facilitators of the Philosophy Cafe in Zagreb. 2019 gained APPA Philosophical Practice certificate, and is a second year student of the logotherapy education.

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