Workshop: The Gap: Glimpses of the Human Condition

Abstract: This workshop explores the gap in the midst of our being, our relations with others and with the world, and inquires into the way we can productively deal with it.

Short-bio: Prof. Lydia Amir teaches at the Department of Philosophy, at Tufts University, Boston, USA, and lectures at the Master in Philosophical Practice and Consultancy at the West University of Timisoara in Romania. She is Co-director of APPA and Co-President of the Israeli Association for Philosophical Practice, Board Member of various journals of Philosophical Practice, Philosophy, and Humor, and Founding-Editor of Lexington Series in Philosophical Practice, Brill Series in the Philosophy of the Human Condition and de Gruyter Series in Philosophy of Humor. She has published seven books, four of them on Philosophical Practice, and one on the Human Condition,  more than a hundred scientifc articles and chapters in books, and is working under contract on various additional manuscripts, one of them on Philosophical Practic. She is Editor of the Israeli Journal of Humor Research:An International Journal, Founding-Editor of the Philosophy of Humor Yearbook, and Founding-President of the International Association for the Philosophy of Humor.