Anette Fintz

Workshop: Purpose and Narrative. What is it all about? … and what has this to do with Business?

During the last few years the word “Purpose” made its career in business: it has certainly become a kind of must-have in leader’s announcements and company’s websites. The so-called “Company’s Philosophy” is not felt complete without “purpose” as a keyword. Also Story-Telling has reached an important role concerning identification and employer branding. Stories are always based on a specific narrative. The narrative on the other hand is a very important part concerning self-understanding and the self being part of a community.

I’m eager to talk with you about your experiences and questions concerning:

What do we mean when we say purpose? Is this a philosophical or is it a religious subject?

What anthropological need is reflected in these buzzwords of business-communication?

How can purpose and narrative be fruitful for every-day-business?

After all: how can we, as philosophers, be real experts on that?

The workshop is open to anyone who is interested in philosophical business-consultancy. Language: English.

Anette Fintz is Co-President of the Swiss Association of Philosophical Practitioners ( As an experienced Philosopher and Business-Consultant having worked with companies the last 25 years, Anette Fintz (phd) assumes that purpose and narratives are very close to each other, especially concerning business-reality. Anette Fintz has found ISOB ( – the Institute of Purpose-oriented Consultancy – in 1998. Since that time her clients are mostly CEOs and leaders of industrial companies. Meanwhile ISOB is located in Radolfzell/Germany (Lake Constance) and in Zurich/Switzerland. Fintz is author of various books on philosophy and business-consultancy, as well as hand-books on coaching (all in German). Her book on Karl Jasper’s philosophy and its influence on Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy was also published in Corean. As consultant she writes “biographies” for companies to have their story told.