Short Course: PhiloDrama as an interactive format in philosophical practice

Abstract: A proto-type of the present philodrama-format was realized in Zoran Kojcic`s Café Philo in Osijek 2015 after the Beograd ICPP. One way to start a PHILODRAMA is by re-enacting a picture (with philosophical content) as ‘a living sculpture’, a talking picture, e.g. using La Mort de Socrate, Jacques-Louis David, oil on canvas painting, Paris 1787. Participants in the course are invited to practice this in the short course. See also:
Another place of departure for a PHILODRAMA can be a report about an event that has a reference to a present problem of life – for example clearance of primeval forests. A ’philodrama natura’ has been videoed and could be used as an input (if necessary and technically possible).
A third example of PHILODRAMA makes use for example of Wolfram Eilenberger´s philosophical documentary 1933-43 Beauvoir (-Arendt-Weil-Rand) & Sarah Bakewell, At the Existentialist Café. FREEDOM, BEING AND APRICOT COCKTAILS, London 2017 – Aaron Beauvoir Sartre
Further suggestions are welcome!
Participants should agree to be videoed when taking an active part in a philodrama. Specific texts shall be provided prior to the meetings. Drop us a note !