Book presentation (online): Huk and Tuk and the Art of Infinite Questioning: Presentation of a series of philosophical books for children and adults. Why We Are in Need of Tails and Why We Are in Need of Tales, Part I-IV. 

Abstract: The presentation is dedicated to a series of playful, whimsical, yet serious books. These deep philosophical books written by Maria daVenza Tillmanns, a professional philosopher dedicated to the study of philosophizing with children and adults, has gained valuable experience in this field. Maria’s books are inspired by her work with her students at an Elementary School in National City (California), with whom Maria held philosophy with children classes for three years before COVID. Huk and Tuk, the main characters of this series, model how to question the world and oneself freely. Huk and Tuk enjoy discussing picture book tales together – for their metaphorical content – and invite us into the dialogue as well. In the process we learn to not only reflect on the questions raised in these tales, but to self-reflect. What do I think and why? This exercise in self-reflection helps to develop self-knowledge – and getting to know oneself. To start this process with children when their beliefs are not yet formed allows them to remain flexible thinkers and in charge of their own thinking, becoming truly independent thinkers. This series of books can be recommended not only for individual reading, but also for collective reading in groups, and it can also be a teaching, practical tutorial in order to engage in philosophy with children and adults. In our presentation short excerpts from some of the books and corresponding reviews will be read. The presentation will also be an invitation to further discuss some of the themes raised in the stories.

Maria daVenza Tillmanns was philosopher-in-residence at La Jolla Country Day School (a private school). She taught at the University of California, San Diego for ten years. In1998 she received doctorate from the University of Illinois. Her dissertation is on Philosophical Counseling and Teaching: “Holding the Tension” in a Dualistic World. In Holland, she conducted a Philosophy for Children program at two International Schools in the early 90’s. Ran Lahav and she co-edited “Essays on Philosophical Counseling” (1995). She has publications in Dutch, British, American, Russian and South Korean Journals.

Sergey Borisov (Russia) – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Director of the Scientific and Educational Center for Practical and Applied Philosophy of the South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk), Head of the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies of the South Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University (Chelyabinsk), President of the Association of Philosophers practitioners „Ratio”, leader of philosophical cafe; organizer of the 16th International Conference on Philosophical Practice in Russia (ICPP 16th 2020-2021).