Paper presentation: Philosophic Practice as the Evolution of the true self: A case study in Plato’s Alcibiades 1

Abstract: In this paper I would like to illuminate a series of themes surrounding the development of the concept of self which is central to the practice of Philosophic Counseling. This is done through a careful consideration of two often disputed, yet very important texts by Plato: the Alcibiades 1, and some reference to Plato’s 7th Letter. In these texts I find the teachings of philosophic practice to be most richly articulated as Plato’s meta-philosophy.

Short BIO: Patricia Anne Murphy, Ph.D is a Certified Philosophical Counselor who is ending a teaching career at St. Joseph’s University where she is a Senior Adjunct Professor, for almost 40 years.   She has presented and published numerous articles on Epictetus, Vivekananda, Conscientious Objection,  Homelessness, and various Peace Issues. She is a past Advisory Board Chair of International Philosophers for Peace, and an Ethics Commissioner for her City Council. She lives outside Washington, DC.