Paper presentation: Is meditation still possible in the West and how?

Abstract: the West, after Descartes, seems to have abandoned meditation. Philosophy has developed reflection more. And yet, other cultures have preserved meditation, and in the search for spirituality that is widespread in our time, perhaps it is appropriate for philosophy to resume doubtful thinking and meditating. With the rehabilitation of practical philosophy and emotions, perhaps the possibility of a meditate may arise. A practical example may also be presented.

Short-Bio: retired professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Roma Tre, where I directed the master’s degree in „Philosophical Counseling. Practical philosophy and philosophical practices” from 2008 to 2020. Now, together with some colleagues, we coordinate “Agàpe Scuola di Filosofia”, which trains philosophical consultants in agreement with the University master’s degree. I am part of the scientific committee of “Daimon. Association for Philosophical Counseling and Philosophical Practices”. As a university professor I have directed many projects of philosophical practices in schools and I have organized conferences in Italy on philosophical practices. Now as a teacher trainer of Agàpe Scuola, I follow projects for the dissemination of philosophical practices in companies, with groups of immigrants who are learning Italian.