Workshop (1,5h): Art-based Philosophizing

In this workshop we will work with an art-based attitude to find a philosophical question. In the first part of the workshop we will concentrate on art experiences (sounds, colors, poems) and work collectively. From the participants’ experiences we will construct the philosophical questions for the dialogical process. We will look for a conclusion and compare this to the art pieces we have done. The basic idea of this workshop is to find out how art can support our experiences and open important questions to examination. This workshop does not need any previous artistic experience. All the materials will be brought by the facilitators.

Some thoughts behind this workshop: At the root of philosophy, Art (and Creativity) performs an important role. Numbers of philosophers have based their thoughts on Art or found interesting examples through it. Without going too deep back to early philosophers, there are many names of important philosophers connected to art-philosophy: Aristoteles, Plato, Socrates, Kant, Kierkegaard, Schiller, Sartre and Nussbaum, to name a few. More or less, some philosophical issues, like virtues, have become known to the public through art – for example in Jane Austin’s production. From the Ancient Greek to Modern time, the word Art has meant two things together: skills/talent (mimesis) and self-expression (creativity). These concepts are not very simple and their meaning has gotten different aspects in time. This history can give us a view and understanding of how Art has inspired philosophies and how they have used their own creativity to create phenomenon of life or solve difficult problems.

Pia Houni, PhD, Adjunct professor, Philosophical Practitioner. Head teacher of the Philosophical practice education at the Open Critical University (Helsinki, Finland). Member of the Finnish Philosophical Network.

Kati Kuula, M.A, Philosophical Practitioner. Chair of the Finnish Philosophical Network.